"Now I'm living in a dream..."


A boutique management company based out of downtown Toronto, Canada. Throwing the cookie cutters out the window, we aim to craft unique-to-artist strategies to support, build and nurture the music that we love.

Built on the knowledge that not every artist will walk the same path to success, and knowing that there is not "one right way" to navigate the business.

With over 10 years of industry experience and contacts, we plan to build long lasting careers with our artists, and work just as hard as they do.

Strategy. Organization. Support.

This is Black Lamb.



The team


Vanessa Markov - Artist Manager / Press & Publicity

A writer and serial volunteer at heart, Vanessa Markov got her start as a music journalist in 2009. A lifelong love of live music quickly turned into a passion for supporting the growth and development of local artists and music initiatives, fueled by her experience and education in digital marketing and brand development. Vanessa’s relentless desire to identify and build the unique personal stories of every band and artist she works with has led unknown acts to international recognition, millions in reach, and – most important to her – the realization of boundless creative potential at any level. All of her downtime (really, all of it) is spent building an encyclopedic knowledge of The Beatles career and watching Gary Vaynerchuk videos.



Dan Hand has been an active participant of the music business for over 10 years. Having managed his own roster since 2009, he has also had experience in marketing, tour managing and A&R at both independent and major record labels. Artists who've partnered with Dan have gone on to see worldwide album releases, worldwide touring, gold records,  music video awards, Juno award nominations, and have collected government arts funding dollars among many other professional and personal accomplishments. When Dan isn't giving it his all trying to help his artists achieve their dreams, he can usually be found drinking the tallest coffee with his cats, listening to Hot Water Music and/or geeking out on guitar pedals.