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Havelin is the musical identity of 19 year old singer/songwriter Alex Zaichkowski, born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Channeling his inner folk writer, Havelin strives to tell a story with his music. Lyrically taking cues from the early influences of Dan Mangan, Tom Waits, and Father John Misty, his words are straight from the heart and his music is kept simple, honest and cutting right to the core.

“With my songs, I really like to put a focus on storytelling - not the sort folksy narrative kind of stuff, but more of an honest portrayal of emotion. To write that, you have to acknowledge your own feelings and look at your own painful or amazing experiences as a story, and confront the way you deal with situations. It’s sort of a weirdly cathartic, self-analyzation process - to take all of your hurt, all of you frustration, all of your love, all of your humour and put it into words.”

Havelin’s debut 5 song EP, Alright, Alright, Okay. (released Sept 2016), gained fast attention, garnering half a million spins on Spotify in its first 12 weeks. The title track “Alright, Alright” has been a standout long before the EP’s release, placing in the Top 25 of CBC’s national Searchlight 2016 competition. The song is currently on rotation in Starbucks across North America and has also been featured on CBC’s Heartland.

"Alright, Alright, Okay. is very much about the idea of accepting new realities. Each song depicts a situation and an emotional response to dealing with a sudden drastic change. it explores the different reactions and lessons learned (both positive and negative) in times of dramatic upheaval. The album is both a statement of peaceful acceptance and a begrudging surrender to a shift in circumstance."

The anticipated release of new music later in 2017 will see an evolution of style and sound, where he chronicles the full spectrum of human emotions experienced within romantic entanglement. There will be a song for every feeling, every smile, and every struggle.